CAMP | CAMP 2018
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CAMP 2018

CAMP 2018

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CAMP’s 5th anniversary festival was held on September 9 – 11, 2018 at the Grand in Calgary. What a party it was! Celebrating with an incredible lineup of speakers, beautifully crafted opening titles, architects and interior designers got involved to liven up the campfire space, live performances by local musicians and bands at the opening night party, great energy at the pub night, and so much warmth. 2018 was a sold out show!


As always, our adventure workshops were held on the day prior to the actual presentations and campfire sessions, on September 9th.


Our highlight reel above was filmed and edited by Two Words Productions.


Relive some of the moments!

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The Titles



Directed by Buck

Executive Creative Director: Ryan Honey
Executive Producer: Emily Rickard
Creative Directors: Jenny Ko & Steve Day
Producers: David Guti Rosado & Kirsten Collabolletta
Design: Jerry Suh, Gunnar Petterson, Jenny Ko, Steve Day, Jigyu Yoon, Richard Gray, Cecilia Chang Lee, Chris Markland, Ren Chen, Rafael Araujo
Head of 2D Animation: Daniel Coutinho
Animation Lead: Nick Petley
Animation: Nick Petley, Junyi Xiao, Jake Armstrong, Stephen Loveluck, Juan Ricardo Hernandez, Rafael Araujo, Jose Peña, Ibrahim Zemheri, Fabian Molina, Scott Jonsson, Matt Everton, Sarah Blank, Jake Portman, Alex Bernas, Joe Brooks


Music by: Steve Day, Marc Steinberg, Andy Lyon
Vocal Stylings by: Marc Steinberg, Debora Cruchon, Steve Day, Nele Taylor, Daniel Rodrigues, Audrey Yeo
Background Vocals by: Emily Rickard, Alex Ceglia, Camily Tsai, Amelia Giller



Adventure Workshops


On September 9th, the day prior to our official festival, we organized three workshops with Google’s David Hogue, Chris Dowsett, and Samsung’s Kavitha Gopalan. From designing for wicked problems; wearable watch design to bringing characters to life in Cinema 4D… there was plenty to soak up at all of the top-rated workshops!




The Storytellers


Our top-tier speaker line-up was, and always will be, meticulously curated by hand.




That’s a wrap!