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CAMP 2019

CAMP 2019

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CAMP’s 6th annual festival was presented by Mount Royal University and held on October 7 – 8, 2019 at the Taylor Centre for the Performing Arts. An incredible venue! Following the sold-out show in 2018, we opted for the larger venue and with it came the need to expose a commonly neglected issue: mental health. All of us in the creative industries have rollercoaster moments and we set out to expose a lot of the issues and present solutions with doctors and recovered peers on site. For the festival we had public relations boost our footprint to expose the issues beyond our past walls while simultaneously introducing our new tagline: the art and technology of creative storytelling.


As we took the opportunity to refine our public image, we also had the incredible team at GSkinner build a custom to reflect us, together… going on a journey, drowning, and coming out more calm and collected on the other end. It picked up an Applied Arts Award in the Design category, if that’s saying anything.


2019 was huge and our attendees came out in record numbers, just shy of 700.


Due to budgetary restrictions and the political realities that ended up slashing educational budgets, we too had to navigate that reality and opted to forgo our typical packed day of workshops and summit episodes.

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The Titles


Titles by BLMRS
Music by Chad Lawson



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