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David Carson

About This Project


A renowned design and creative director, David Carson has worked with the world’s largest agencies on a variety of projects, while always maintaining his own small graphic design studio. Currently David is eight months into a freelance gig as “artist in residence ” for ad agency 72andsunny, working on a wide variety of projects. He also serves as design director for Airborne Motors (personal air vehicles) as well as CCO for a new global initiative designed to help rid the world of single use plastics.
David is often asked to speak to a broad range of industries, be it automakers, agencies, universities and creative groups. He’s won a ton of awards and accolades, Raygun etc; but is perhaps most proud of his recent 2017 induction into the East Coast Surfing Hall of Fame.
David will show recent and current work, while sharing how he continues to push the envelope.
  • TED speaker
  • Apple computers “top 30 innovators in 30 years of Apple”
  • ”A pioneer with profound impact” Apple, 2014
  • AIGA Gold Medalist, 2014
  • Top designer working with photography” International Center for photography, nyc
  • Posters and publicity designer, Harvard Graduate School, 2015, 2016
  • Keynote speaker, Dubai Festival of Creativity ” Branding and advertising, 2015
  • Keynote speaker, FUSE Branding conference chicago, 2014
  • World Wide Creative Director, Bose Corporation
  • World Wide Branding Campaign, Microsoft
  • World Wide Branding Campaign, Aramani
  • Design Director Quicksilver pro , NYC and France
  • ”The art director of the era” Creative Review, London
  • ”He changed the public face of graphic design” Newsweek
  • ”CARSON forged graphic design into a cultural force and a medium with its own shape and direction” AIGA, 2014
  • ’CARSON is the most googled graphic designer in history, even surpassing some well known fine artists’ Eye Magazine, London
  • ”One of America’s most important artists….” Smithsonian Institute Magazine, March 2014
  • ”The most influential graphic designer of our times” Surfrider Foundation
  • ”He significantly influenced a generation to embrace typography as an expressive medium” – Steven Heller, NYtimes
  • Board of directors, Aspen Design Conference



What are the biggest changes/challenges David has seen in design in the past 20 or so years? The gentrification of design.
Software and computers continue to make designers lazy – letting the computer make decisions for them. This will only get worse as large-scale projects are in beta testing right now that will eliminate many current design jobs. It’s now more important than ever that designers get more personal and use their uniqueness in their work, otherwise they’ll be replaced by programs that can do what they’re doing now.

AMA with David Carson

Hosted by Kelly Hartman


Even if you don’t know him by name, you’ve seen his work – on the covers of magazines worldwide; for brands including Pepsi Cola, Ray Ban, Nike, Microsoft, Budweiser, NBC, MTV Global, quiksilver, Intel, and Mercedes-Benz; collaborating with musicians like Prince, and Nine Inch Nails.
David Carson is considered by many to be the most influential graphic designer of our times – so get your burning questions ready and join him around the campfire for this exclusive chance to ask him anything – about graphic design, about maintaining a creative career that spans a lifetime, or even about perfecting your hang ten.

David Carson is a Designer and Creative Director: David Carson Design.

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