CAMP | Scott March
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Scott March

About This Project


Scott March is a creative director and visual designer working in games for 17 years. He juggles just about anything handed to him as the Lead VR Designer/ UI UX Staff Engineer for Samsung VR including mixed reality, graphic design, real-time graphics, and 360 video. He has won several awards as an independent developer for multiple game platforms and a founding faculty member of the first Master’s degree program for digital game development with the Guildhall at SMU. A few of his VR games are still in progress will show up in the very near future.

Panel: The Future of 360 Storytelling


More than just a platform for gamers, VR is quickly becoming a platform for everything. With the introduction of consumer products like Samsung Gear VR and, the soon to be released, Gear 360, the tools for storytelling are being placed directly in the hands of creators, forming an intersection where designers, filmmakers and developers collide. This panel discussion invites designers, game developers and VR enthusiasts to discuss their experience in creating compelling 360 narratives for games, film, and beyond.

Moderator & Panelists

Scott March (UI/UX Staff Engineer, Samsung), Denis Lirette (Creative Director, Globacore), Matt Wright (Founder/CEO, Mammoth VR), Mark Schoennagel (Evangelist, Unity)


Target Audience

All creators welcome – Web Developers, Game Developers, Designers, Filmmakers, Photographers, Artists, VR Enthusiasts, and everyone in between.


Art, Design, Film, Gaming, Technology