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About Us

Our Story

CAMP is a Calgary-grown initiative, brought to life as an idea in 2013 by Wild Forest and emerged as a festival in 2014. The festival further developed logistically through a long-standing friendship with FITC. CAMP is a labour of love with the mission to celebrate creative technology, art and design.

By sharing and shaping experiences that educate, challenge and inspire at the annual CAMP Festival, national recognition quickly followed. Over time, CAMP Festival shed its for-profit operating model and restructured as a non-profit organization to become the Council of Artists and Multimedia Professionals.

CAMP–an accurate banner for the spectrum of services and events the organization has expanded to include. CAMP takes shape because of the contributions from our partners, sponsors and volunteers as well as the local and international artists that lend a helping hand each year. Your participation does the rest.

Past Storytellers

Aaron Draplin
Adam Pesapane (PES)
Alon Chitayat
Anton Repponen
Ash Thorp
Becky Wheat-Bain
Ben Unsworth
Bradley Grosh (GMUNK)
Brett Doar
Bryan Williams
Casey Sheehan
Chris Dowsett
CJ Gammon
Clarissa Peterson

Claudio Guglieri
Danny Yount
Daniel Schutzsmith
Dave Brown
David Nagy
Denis Lirette
Dever Thomas
Edward Keeble
Elbert Perez
Elise Russell
Elvira Barriga
Emily Hicks
Emily Oberman
Grant Skinner

Helen Papagiannis
Irene Pereyra
James White
Jamie Kosoy
Jason White
Jay Grandin
Jean-Philippe Côté
Jesse Louis-Rosenberg
Jessica Rosenkrantz
Jessica Walsh
Joel McConvey
Joey Camacho
Joshua Davis
Joshua Smith (Hydro74)

Kathryn Nixon
Kim Alpert
Krys Blackwood
Lauren Hom
Mandy Stobo
Marc Binkley
Mario Klingemann
Mark Schoennagel
Mateusz Marcinowski
Matt Wright
Matthew Barnett
Meaghan Nishiyama
Michael Muller
Michael Sikorsky

Neetu Sidhu
Neil Huxley
Nicole Jacek
Olaf Blomerus
Patrick Moskwa
Patti Derbyshire
Paul Sahre
Ramy Nassar
Riccardo Giraldi
Robyn Larsen
Roger Jewett
Sara Blake
Scott March
Shantell Martin

Sougwen Chung
Stacey Mulcahy
Stefan Sagmeister
Stephen Martell
Steve Tam
Sylvia Cheverie
Tatjana Green
Tommy Lewis
Yuko Shimizu
Zander Brimijoin



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