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For Immediate Release


World-renowned industry leaders and creators converge in Calgary to explore the art and technology of creative storytelling

Calgary, AB (September 16, 2019)– On October 7th and 8th, more than 30 luminaries from top international organizations will gather at Calgary’s Taylor Centre for the Performing Arts to educate, challenge and inspire attendees from across North America at the sixth annual CAMP Festival. Leading innovators, inventors and designers from companies like Google, Amazon Music, ATB Financial, Facebook and MIT will explore the convergence of art and technology with a special focus on the conference’s 2019 theme: mental health. Upwards of 800 attendees will have exposure to 20-plus expert-led presentations, workshops and panels, campfire chats with industry leaders and countless networking opportunities over the course of the two-day event.


The conference is underscored by creative forces that encourage attendees to find ways to think outside the box and break the mold of their professional practices all in the name of inspiring further innovation, industry growth and technological advances. This year’s roster of international speakers will provide opportunities for creative professionals from nearly every industry to learn about career-altering processes, techniques, challenges and successes from notable industry giants.


“Creative industries are in a constant state of flux and CAMP Festival brings awareness to emerging practices and cutting-edge technologies that many of our attendees might not otherwise have exposure to,” says Bram Timmer, Founder, CAMP Festival. “By bringing together some of the world’s brightest creative minds, it is our hope that every attendee will leave inspired to push their own boundaries as they continue to innovate and challenge the status quo on the path to their own industry-shifting discoveries.”


The theme of mental health will have an overarching presence at this year’s conference as the mental wellness of the creative mind is explored in greater depth. Many of the 2019 sessions will touch on topics such as stress, anxiety and resilience in the modern workplace. Speakers will discuss the common challenges of managing the journey from professional highs experienced when achieving recognition, awards and accolades, to the lows resulting from failure, burnout and feelings of inadequacy. Presentations will also include personal stories from speakers pertaining to mental health, including techniques on how to cope and methodology for building workplace culture that fosters mental wellness and work-life balance.


Among this year’s speaker lineup is industry titan François Audouy, a Production Designer of major motion pictures and builder of narrative worlds. He has contributed to blockbuster films like “Logan”, “Men in Black”, “Jurassic World” and “Avatar”, along with countless others. His most recent film collaboration with director James Mangold, “Ford v. Ferrari”, has had a roaring world premiere on the festival circuit and will be released to audiences this November. He is currently in Calgary shooting a highly-anticipated “Ghostbusters” film directed by Jason Reitman. Audouy will recount stories and insights from his creative journey working in the art departments of 40 films and reveal recurring lessons that have helped him harness the stress of lightning-paced feature film schedules to maximize creativity and efficiency while growing as a designer and creative thinker in the face of new technologies.


Also headlining at CAMP 2019 is Sands Fish, an artist and researcherat the MIT Media Lab’s Space Exploration Initiative, where he focuses on building an inclusive, sci-fi future and culture in space. Fish will take a closer look at what human culture and design might look like in space as we begin to plan less for short visits and more for long-term living. His presentation will explore space tourism, living in zero gravity, and experiments in art and design that hint at future post-earth aesthetics.


Other innovators and creators will also lead sessions ranging from technical to inspirational in nature at CAMP 2019, including:


  • Ryan Todd, CEO/Psychiatrist at Headversity– Dr. Todd measures, tracks, and trains resilience in the workplace at Headversity, a digital mental health company. He will debunk myths behind achieving mental health and speak about how motivation, goal setting and patience lay the foundation for achieving true mental wellness.
  • Wade Jeffree & Leta Sobierajski, Designers and Artists at Wade and Leta– Together this power couple helm a design studio whose client list includes Adobe, Google, Refinery 29, Gucci, Target and The New York Times. They will present on creative companionship and how to combine purposeful eclecticism with performative design utilizing all disciplines.
  • PJ Richardson, Co-Owner/Director/Executive Creative Director at Laundry– Richardson will discuss how embracing failure can fuel creative breakthroughs and share learnings from his personal experience as an agency leader.
  • Mike Hill, Concept Designer at Mike Hill Design– Hill designs worlds for the entertainment industry, creating concepts and designs for film, TV and video games, including Warner Brother’s “Blade Runner 2049” and HBO’s “Game of Thrones”. His talk will delve deeper into the psychology of storytelling and understanding how our personalities and behaviours are shaped by unconscious mechanisms.
  • Curtis Stange, President/CEO at ATB Financial– As the leader of Alberta’s largest financial institution, Stange will weigh in on what he has learned from his 30-plus years of industry experience about the important role people play in the workplace. He will deliver insights on mental health in professional spaces and techniques for building corporate cultures that promote mental wellness.


For more information about CAMP Festival and to view the full list of speakers and presentation topics, visit CAMP 2019 will take place October 7-8, 2019 at the Taylor Centre for the Performing Arts, located at Mount Royal University. Highlights from CAMP 2018 can be viewed at

About CAMP Festival
CAMP is a non-profit organization celebrating the art and technology of creative storytelling. CAMP Festival is a two-day conference that brings together like-minded professionals, artists, innovators and students to share and shape experiences that educate, challenge and inspire. The annual event offers more than 800 attendees exposure to the insights of world-renowned thought leaders and luminaries through 20-plus expert-led presentations, workshops and panels, campfire chats, numerous networking opportunities and a special evening event. CAMP educates attendees on advancements in the digital arts, pushes boundaries on creativity and inspires future generations in the continued innovation of art and technology. For more information, visit

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