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Bryan Williams

About This Project


Bryan believes that compelling experiences are not created by accident. What a team creates will reflect the people and conditions in which the work was created. Bryan studied communication and psychology and while he wasn’t much of a traditional artist he found his canvas in code. His focus has been in web technologies such as PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Bryan began his career in a number of technology driven startups but found that the world’s largest brands need help bridging creativity with technology.
Bryan spent several years shaping and laying a complex CSS framework for the latest ESPN responsive website redesign. His work touched many Disney owned digital properties. He now works for the beloved Danish toy company LEGO. As part of an in-house creative agency, Bryan bridges the gap as a technology consultant and campaign team facilitator. His digital campaign work at LEGO is about putting purpose and passion at the foundation to which technology, art and story telling can be built on.

Leg Godt: Inspiring Builders of Tomorrow


For 85 years LEGO® has had a mission to, “Inspire and develop the builders of tomorrow.” While principles of art, engineering and creativity are timeless, what one creates and how they choose to build and share with the world is continually changing. LEGO in the course of its history has had its share of failures and success as it has experimented to incorporate technology into its physical system of play. The Danish phrase ”Leg godt” means to, “play well”. This presentation is how LEGO’s in-house creative agency is evolving and “playing well” in order to keep the brand fresh but also timeless.
Join Bryan Williams, creative technologist, as he shares what has worked, what has failed and what lessons teams are still learning as they adapt to changing internal needs, consumer behaviours and marketing conditions particularly as it relates to digital technology.


To be inspired, possibly cringe and hopefully have fun while examining case studies from a global brand through its journey to inspire the builders of tomorrow.

Creative Technologist, The LEGO Group.

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