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Cam Hoff

About This Project


Slugger is the collaborative design and illustration studio of Cam Hoff and Chris Pecora. Since their first collaboration in 2015, they have been focused on making work with an emphasis on fun – examples of which include brightly coloured murals and beer packaging featuring campy heavy metal-themed illustrations rendered with Crayola markers.
“If it’s fun, we’re in.”

“You Guys Get It”


Since joining forces in 2015 and forming Slugger, Cam Hoff and Chris Pecora have made “fun” the focus of their studio – rejecting anything that is deemed “un-fun” as defined by their very stringent criteria.
During this moderated Q&A, Cam and Chris will share their knowledge on various subjects (and embellish at will). Topics of limited expertise include: making something look delightfully janky, baseball hats, shape-tool wizardry, sasquatches, collaborating without hurting your friend’s feelings, how to win big in Vegas, where to get a decent slice of pizza around here, certain fonts, a stack of books, a desk lamp, a browser window, my fingers typing, the period at the end of this sentence. Join us!

Cam Hoff is a Partner, Designer & Illustrator: Slugger.

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