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Can Büyükberber

About This Project


Born in Turkey and based in San Francisco, Can (b. 1987) creates immersive audiovisual experiences embodied in physical and digital spaces. His work consists of experiments with various media such as virtual/augmented reality, projection mapping, geodesic domes, large-scale displays and digital fabrication. Büyükberber studied physics at Istanbul University, his BA in Visual Communication Design at Istanbul Bilgi University and MFA Art and Technology at San Francisco Art Institute as a Fulbright Fellow. This interdisciplinary education informs his practice, which connects art, design and science.
His work often focuses on human perception, exploring new methods for non-linear narratives, geometrical order, synergetics and emergent forms which blur the sense of scale and presence in physical and digital environments. His audiovisual works featuring geodesic domes and VR headsets have toured museums, galleries media art festivals around the world, including ZKM, Karlsruhe; Ars Electronica, Linz; SAT, Montreal; Sonar D+, Barcelona; California Academy of Sciences and Exploratorium, San Francisco; Akbank Sanat, Istanbul and Art Futura, Rome; Signal Festival, Prague. He has been a resident artist Autodesk’s Pier 9 and Adobe’s Immersive Artist Research Residencies.
In collaboration with San Francisco based studio Obscura Digital he has art directed large scale public projects displayed on the ceiling of historic Grand Central Terminal in New York and a 60′ tall permanent outdoor installation at MGM National Harbor near Washington, DC. He also worked with Dolby Labs to make Quanta, a work as part of the Dolby Art Series. He is currently working on new VR/AR experiences and architectural audiovisual installations, as well as new commissioned artworks.

Creating Immersive Environments with Augmented Reality


As one of the pioneering interdisciplinary artist in the exploration between art and technology, Can strives to constantly do things that haven’t been done before. Using projection mapping, audiovisual nonlinear narratives, digital fabrication, virtual and augmented reality, Büyükberber’s work facilitates experiences that challenge human perception of reality and provoke conversation around the fundamental nature of consciousness. With an in depth look into his process and background, Can aims to share his experiences in his recent artist residencies at software companies such as Adobe and Autodesk, large scale public collaborations with Obscura Digital, upcoming projects with performance artists and audiovisual works that utilize geodesic domes and virtual reality headsets.

The Future of Motion Design

Featuring: No Boddy, Can Büyükberber, Ryan Honey, Jason White (host)

Panel Overview

The world of motion design is shifting at lightning speed.
What started out as an art form relying on standard display formats to tell engaging stories, has radically shifted to exciting, non-traditional formats, using entire spaces, both inside and outside. In this new global marketplace, the way we work –and compete for work is changing– the need to deliver strategic ideas in both the creative and business is influencing our daily decisions. All of these developments stir a resounding question – where is the industry headed?

Can Büyükberber is a Visual Artist & Director:

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Art, Design, Film