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Casey Sheehan

About This Project


Casey is a digital designer known for transforming many of the world’s most admired brands – from Coca-Cola to Apple – with the creation of radically different digital products and services.
The Ottawa native – who was drawn to design partly through his hobbies and partly through genes (his mother was an artist and he was a big fan and participant in skateboard culture) studied at a graphic design program in Toronto but ultimately learned more on his own. He taught himself to code, which led to his career in UX /digital product design.
Casey moved to the US in 2003 to work at Los Angeles-based Hello Design, cutting his teeth on great projects for Sony, National Geographic. From there he went to SapientNitro, where he helped design the first-ever digital touch-screen vending machines for Coca-Cola for the Beijing Olympics.
Prior to joining Work & Co, Casey was executive creative director at Huge. He joined Work & Co as a partner in the summer of 2015, in the Portland office. Sheehan’s focus is on core digital products, not advertising. The agency creates websites, apps and e-commerce platforms and other digital touch points for brands, which are becoming more and more important in the age of omnichannel communications.

Staying Hands-On Your Whole Career


For most senior agency and brand leaders, the more senior you get in your career, the less hands-on you are. Work & Co designer/partner Casey Sheehan proves that it’s possible to be a manager while also actively remaining tied to the work. Designers who keep designing –even once they are promoted into the leadership ranks, and become company owners– are not only happier in their careers, but also better mentors, and help generate more stronger, smarter work that clients love. In this session attendees will learn how to chart out a career path that never promotes them out of what they love doing what the most.


Help attendees plan for a career that allows them to grow and advance within companies while remaining an active designer.

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