CAMP | Danny Yount
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Danny Yount

About This Project


Danny Yount is an American graphic designer and commercial director who has a diverse visual style and a unique range of depth and craftsmanship in motion arts and film. He has been recognized internationally for his work in feature film and television main titles, and show opens.
As a leading title designer, he has collaborated with top film directors and producers – designing some of the most recognized sequences of the last decade like Oblivion, Iron Man 1-3, Six Feet Under, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Rocknrolla, Sherlock Holmes, Tron Legacy, Tyrant, and many others. He also led the graphic vfx design teams for the hologram sequences in Iron Man II.

Stories in Motion: Main Titles


What makes a good title sequence? How do you set the tone for a television series or film in 90 seconds? What do Hollywood directors want to see in a presentation? Danny Yount walks through the stories behind his film and TV title sequences, and shares some insight on what he has learned along the way during his career as a motion designer and creative director.


Have fun and inspire the audience.

Campfire: The Collective Throwdown


Watch as industry vets Ash Thorp and Danny Yount grill each other on their process, routine, stories of failure, inspirations and EVERYTHING in between. All truth.


Walk Away With

  1. How to design for film titles
  2. Presentations to directors
  3. Career lessons

Target Audience

Students and industry designers.


Art, Design, Film