CAMP | David Ronhel
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David Ronhel

About This Project


David has spent over 15 years as an Art Director in the graphic design industry. David’s innovative online work has been exhibited around the world and has won notable awards and prizes while his personal design projects are exhibited in his own interactive gallery: OVERAGE4DESIGN.
After several years as the lead creative for renowned brands, as well as a stint in the Japanese fashion industry, David launched HKI with his partner, Nathalie Melato.
As Creative Director and founder of HelloHikimori, David leads with a passion for stimulating and creative projects.

 The French Embassy in Canada aims to strengthen the link between Canada and France. At CAMP, the Embassy hopes to foster interdisciplinary collaborations in the field of creative technology, art and design. The Embassy is always proud to support French talent. David Ronhel is a prime example of this, and his lecture at CAMP will undoubtedly encourage and motivate further creative international collaboration.

Creative Director & Co-Founder: HKI™.
Paris, France

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Art, Business, Design, Fashion, Film, Technology