CAMP | Denis Lirette
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Denis Lirette

About This Project


Denis is a creative/tech type who’s been designing interactive installations since Macromedia Flash was a thing. He currently spends his days Creative Directing at Globacore, a creative technology galactic enterprise that makes fun interactive installations for people to enjoy in physical spaces around the world.
With an passion for what 80s video games can teach us today, he’s thought up and produced virtual reality games like PaperDude VR, an homage to the 1985 arcade classic Paperboy; and PowerCube VR, a multiplayer 3D tribute to 1984’s Tetris.
His work has been exhibited in North America and Europe, and featured on TIME Technology, WIRED, TechCrunch, The VERGE, Engadget, GIZMODO and Polygon.
He’s a global traveler, tea sipper, cat lover, rock climber, yoga-er, occasional bass player and all around pretty relaxed guy who enjoys writing run-on sentences in the third person.

The Future Ain’t What It Used To Be


Come hear the story of the development of PowerCube VR, a multi-player virtual reality homage to Tetris played with a wireless cube controller and originally conceived while brainstorming with friends during an FITC event!

Denis Lirette, Creative Director at Globacore will be talking about the adventure of producing Powercube VR from theory to reality, mostly developed over a 2 week period.


To tell the story of a game idea that was taken from theory to virtual reality.

Panel: The Future of 360 Storytelling


More than just a platform for gamers, VR is quickly becoming a platform for everything. With the introduction of consumer products like Samsung Gear VR and, the soon to be released, Gear 360, the tools for storytelling are being placed directly in the hands of creators, forming an intersection where designers, filmmakers and developers collide. This panel discussion invites designers, game developers and VR enthusiasts to discuss their experience in creating compelling 360 narratives for games, film, and beyond.

Moderator & Panelists

Scott March (UI/UX Staff Engineer, Samsung), Denis Lirette (Creative Director, Globacore), Matt Wright (Founder/CEO, Mammoth VR), Mark Schoennagel (Evangelist, Unity)


Walk Away With

  1. How to think about the future while being inspired by the past
  2. How to think about custom controllers for your vr game
  3. How to break out a project into smaller chunks
  4. How to put some R in VR
  5. How long varnish takes to dry

Target Audience

Tech and creative types, gamers, VR enthusiasts. Rated E for Everyone


Gaming, Technology