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Dever Thomas

About This Project


Dever Thomas is a Design Director at Work & Co, helping set and execute creative direction for clients such as LVMH, Aesop, and Virgin America. She collaborates closely with other disciplines to shape the final product, from initial concepting to prototype design. Her work for Virgin netted the Grand Prize at the UX Awards. Prior to joining Work & Co, Dever was a designer at Method. She received her BFA in Graphic Design from Indiana University, was the recipient of numerous design-based scholarships and grants, and was named in 2011 one of “Eight Young Creatives to Watch” by HOW Magazine.

Staying Hands-On Your Whole Career


For most senior agency and brand leaders, the more senior you get in your career, the less hands-on you are. Work & Co designer/partner Casey Sheehan proves that it’s possible to be a manager while also actively remaining tied to the work. Designers who keep designing –even once they are promoted into the leadership ranks, and become company owners– are not only happier in their careers, but also better mentors, and help generate more stronger, smarter work that clients love. In this session attendees will learn how to chart out a career path that never promotes them out of what they love doing what the most.


Help attendees plan for a career that allows them to grow and advance within companies while remaining an active designer.

Design Director, Work & Co.

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