CAMP | Joshua M. Smith (Hydro74)
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Joshua M. Smith (Hydro74)

About This Project


Joshua M. Smith, known as globally renowned artist Hydro74, works in Orlando, Florida as a designer and artist. Through his sixteen years of published work he is known for pushing the boundaries of contemporary art. He is passionate about breaking new ground and expanding his artistic influences with the peers and brands in which he collaborates. His goal is to improve his work through every new piece of art that is customized for each unique project. His work has contributed to successful partnerships and promotions with Nike, Lucasfilm, Microsoft Xbox, Legendary Pictures, MillerCoors, and many more. You can find his work and connect with him at his website,, or reach out to him through social media @Hydro74.

Defined by Defiance


This is a personal story of the journey to point B and how defiance became a driving force to stand back up after every knock down. The story is filled with a chaotic path of death, drugs, abuse, foster care, being abandoned by family and having to find places to stay just to finish high school. The story of defiance begins — the defiance to push forward, get back up after every knockdown, to not give up even in the darkest of times. It’s not about who he works with, or who he knows or a list of names from momentary projects, it’s always been about just trying to be better than what was ever expected. This is the story of Hydro74, this is the story he wants to share.


Walk Away With

  1. Tricks of a semi professional sorta talk with made up words due to nervousness
  2. Finding something to keep you focused
  3. How defiance to fail becomes the driving force for pushing to accomplish
  4. Forcing confidence to get back up and stand toe to toe
  5. Thunderbolts and lighting, or lack there of


Art, Design