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Jamie Kosoy

About This Project


Jamie Kosoy leads Arbitrary, a design-minded development studio. His mindset on the relationship between design and code has been applied to web sites, apps, and “other magical stuff” for clients like Google, Nike, Skittles, Strava and The New York Times. Most recently Jamie co-created the award winning children’s app Melody Jams, which topped the App Store charts in 130 countries and won Communication Arts 2017 Award of Excellence. He has taught code to designers at Parsons and the University of San Francisco. Jamie was formerly Technology Director at digital creative agency Big Spaceship in Brooklyn, NY.

The Making of Melody Jams


In late 2015, Jamie received an email from a friend of a friend with an idea for a kid’s game. They were thousands of miles apart, had never met and had never built an app before. Just six months later they released Melody Jams, which went on to top the App Store charts in 130 countries with more than 500,000 downloads worldwide. It also received a Communication Arts 2017 Award of Excellence.
Melody Jams is an allegory for the creative process. In essence, it’s a game teaching kids about empathy; to show how pieces can be more than the sum of their parts. In this talk, Jamie will lift the curtain on how that applies to design and technology: building culture on new teams, learning new languages and processes quickly, the value of prototyping and the eccentricities of the world of apps.


Inspire collaborators to follow through on their ideas, take care of each other and be celebrate their creativity.

Head of Technology, Arbitrary.

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