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Jason Theodor

About This Project


Jason Theodor is a creative consultant who specializes in experience design for digital products and services. He has created experiences for iconic brands like Nike, Yahoo!, and General Motors, and digital products for the likes of Cox Communications, WestJet, and just about every bank you can shake a stick at. He is currently the Director of Imagination at CAPCO in Toronto, which means whatever you think it means.

The Imperfect Storm: A Survival Guide To Your Creative Drive


The world is saturated with ideas about creativity: brainstorming exercises, design thinking practices, writer’s block antidotes, and access points to your inner artist. This presentation is not one of those.
Instead, this is a survival guide: how can a creative person manage their creative drive? How can they combine their natural and not-so-natural skills to improve their performance? How can they create with more efficiency, effectiveness and effervescence?

Jason Theodor is Director of Imagination, CAPCO.

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