CAMP | Jessica Walsh
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Jessica Walsh

About This Project


Jessica Walsh is a designer & art director working in New York City. She is a partner at the New York based design studio Sagmeister & Walsh. She teaches at the School of Visual Arts & speaks internationally about design and creativity. Her work has won awards from most design competitions including Type Director’s Club, Red Dot, Art Director’s Club, SPD, D&AD, Print, and Graphis. Her work has also been featured in numerous books & magazines & exhibitions. She has also received various celebrated distinctions such as Forbes “30 under 30 greatest makers” Computer Art’s “Top Rising Star in Design,” an Art Director’s Club “Young Gun,” and Print Magazine’s “New Visual Artist”. Clients include: Jay Z, Barneys, Museum of Modern Art, The Jewish Museum, The New York Times, Levis, Adobe, and The School of Visual Arts.

Play by Your Own Rules


Jessica believes in the value of play and creative constraints. Play was crucial to her own development and she will share how it influenced her career path. She will discuss how play is at the heart of any creative process which requires innovation and how one can enter this state of mind.
Every great game has a strict set of rules and the same goes for design. Limitations help creativity thrive. It’s difficult to do something great when the possibilities are endless. Through recent work at Sagmeister & Walsh, Jessica will show how she creates her own rules which helps guide her to the concepts and when it’s a good time to break them.


Discuss how the value of play and creative constraints leads to better design concepts.

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