CAMP | Joshua Davis
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Joshua Davis

About This Project


Since 1995, Joshua Davis, an American designer, technologist, author and artist in new media, has made a career as an image maker using programming, he writes his own code, to produce interactions with users and to generate visual compositions according to rule-based, randomized processes.
Using this convergence of Software and Hardware, Mr. Davis currently resides at Sub Rosa as Media Arts director creating installation work that occupies physical space.
Davis had a role in designing the visualization of IBM’s Watson, the intelligent computer program capable of answering questions, for the quiz show Jeopardy.
His work has been inducted into the Smithsonian’s Cooper Hewitt Design Museum, National Design Triennial 2006 “Design Life Now”, and has work in the permanent collection of the Whitney Museum of American Art.
He has exhibited his works and/or lectured at the Tate Modern(London), the Design Museum (London), the Institute of Contemporary Arts (London), Barbican Centre (London), Ars Electronica Center(Austria), Centre Georges Pompidou (France), Contemporary Arts Center (Cincinnati), J. Paul Getty Museum (Los Angeles), PS.1 MoMA(New York), Guggenheim Museum (Bilbao), among others.

Since 2000, he has lectured globally about his work, inspirations and motivations at museums, galleries, institutions, art festivals, etc… and has spoken at the TED (2005) and 99U (2013) conferences about his career in algorithmic image making and open source.

Painting with Sound, Mesh and Shaders


Starting with the “Fall in Love” music video for Phantogram… Joshua became interested in writing code with audio and Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) to drive animations. Eventually he’d migrate this code into the 3D space using meshes and GLSL shaders to displace/transform 3D objects in real time using processing. In this talk he’ll be showcasing some of the processes behind this work for… Phantogram, Diplo, Squarepusher, Zola Jesus, Pepsi + Pharrell Williams + SuperBowl 50, and more.


Showcase processes behind creating real-time audio driven 3D animations using meshes and shaders for concert visuals for screen or projection mapping.

Campfire: Wazey


A 45 minute, real time, audio reactive, audio / visual performance (using FFT, processing, GLSL shaders and HYPE) by Kiran Ghandi and Joshua Davis.


Walk Away With

  1. WARNING talk contains strobe and flashing lights / will melt brain and eyeballs
  2. Real-time audio + FFT animation techniques
  3. Texture mapping meshes
  4. Using shaders to distort meshes
  5. Using OSC + touchOSC to map and control animations

Target Audience

Open to anyone interested in real-time audio driven animation techniques.


Art, Design, Technology