CAMP | Kim Alpert
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Kim Alpert

About This Project


Kim believes, first and foremost, in human-centric design and integrating technology with strategy in her time-based work.
With a background in fine art, music, and carpentry Kim brings an attention to detail and diverse styles to both her video installation and advertising work. Kim’s art primarily focuses on humanism, media and change. Kim holds a degree in Digital Art & Design from Full Sail University and was inducted into their Hall of Fame in 2013. As a curator, Kim has produced events from intimate gallery exhibitions to large festivals. She has displayed her original works at places like SOFA Expo, The Modern Wing at the Art Institute of Chicago and Facets Cinematheque. As a creative professional, she’s worked for top advertising agencies for over a decade. She has developed expertise in building programmatic creative executions merging aesthetics, psychology and technology. This, coupled with holistic analytics, yields better decision-making and provides a unique ability to fine-tune actionable plans that get results. She currently sits as the Director of Creative Technology for DCI Artform.
Kim is an outspoken advocate for social change through technology, meditation and bananas.

Truth or Dare


Navigating a creative life isn’t easy. Kim’s done a plethora of embarrassing things, taken a variety of risks and some how gotten to where she is with only a few (visible) battle scars. This follow up talk to ‘Why Would You Can’t’ explores more of the deep stories about honesty and risk, pushing through the endless mud of reality, and setting an intention even when you’re thrashing about like a tadpole in a frying pan with the struggles of each day. Her stories along with tips and tools will entertain, and help you carve your own practice to stay the course and achieve the life you want. Moments arise where inspiration is elusive, life is painful, and you just need to ask yourself, ‘Truth or Dare?’.



Art, Design, Technology