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Krys Blackwood

About This Project


Krys has been designing interfaces for twenty years. Most of her career was spent in the Silicon Valley, designing e-commerce experiences for companies ranging from startups to Fortune 500 corporations. She is both a researcher and a designer and specializes in helping companies adopt a user centered approach. She’s now designing the future of deep space operations for NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, CA.

Calling Voyager: Interface Design for NASA’s Deep Space Network


NASA’s Deep Space Network (DSN) is one of its oldest and longest running projects. Without the DSN, we can’t talk to the legendary Voyager Spacecraft, or even Curiosity on Mars. The DSN is monitored and controlled by a steadfast group of unsung heroes who face situational awareness and vigilance challenges every day, and for whom change always introduces risk. Krys will talk about the DSN itself, and describe how the JPL Human Interface Group is using participatory and ethnographically inspired methodology to approach the challenges of innovation in a risk-averse, well-established culture.


This talk will introduce you to the Deep Space Network and its operators, and share techniques NASA JPL is using for user centred design, as well as design for change-resistant users.

Senior Lead User Experience Designer, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

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