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Mateusz ‘Marpi’ Marcinowski

About This Project


Mateusz Marpi Marcinowski is a San Francisco based technical director / digital artist currently working at Obscura Digital. His experience spans thirteen years in the industry, including 11 years in digital production environments. Marpi has migrated between different technologies and media, in both the commercial and art worlds; he has been lucky to work with and lead the most passionate and talented people in the industry.
Marpi’s creative work revolves around building 3D worlds, creating immersive virtual reality experiences, interactive art events, and storytelling in style and difference, for clients including Magic Leap, Google, Microsoft, Salvador Dalí Museum, Qatar Foundation, Li Ka-shing, Disney, Adobe, Nintendo, MTV, Puma, MGM and CNN.
His work has been publicly and professionally recognized, receiving nominations and winning several awards including Webby, One Show, Pixel Awards, SXSW Interactive, The FWA (x24), Golden Lions and .NET Magazine site of the year. He has worked on 4 continents, visited 44 countries. So far.

Procedural Evolution


All of Marpi’s projects are generally the same thing, over and over again, building and expanding on top of each other.

Making planets, generating plants, creating creatures; procedural, generative worlds. He’s really found his space with interactive installations. His pieces are fully connected using phone, VR, controllers, Kinect; whatever it is, it allows people to create something and make it their own. Shifting the ownership (and credit) from himself, to them.


Making sense of the never ending project.

Director of Web and Interaction Design, Obscura Digital

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Art, Design, Science, Technology