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Nadieh Bremer

About This Project


Nadieh is a graduated astronomer, turned data scientist, turned data visualization designer, based near Amsterdam. After working for a consultancy & fintech company where she discovered her passion for the visualization of data, she’s been working as a freelancing data visualization designer under the name “Visual Cinnamon” since 2017.
As 2017’s “Best Individual” in the Information is Beautiful Awards, she focuses on uniquely crafted (interactive) data visualizations that both engage and enlighten its audience. Ranging from companies as extensive as Google News Lab and UNESCO to small start-ups. From printed magazines such as Scientific American to an interactive experience for the Guardian to more promotionally focused artful visualizations for press releases, data-driven reports, and data art for in the office, as long as there’s data that has a story to reveal.

 The Consulate General of the Netherlands aims to strengthen the link between Canada and the Netherlands. At CAMP, the Consulate hopes to foster interdisciplinary collaborations in the field of creative technology, art and design. The Consulate General is always proud to support Dutch talent. Nadieh Bremer is a prime example of this, and her lecture at CAMP will undoubtedly encourage and motivate further creative international collaboration.

Data Visualization Designer: Visual Cinnamon.
Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Art, Design, Science