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No Boddy

About This Project


No Boddy – the unassuming, Midwestern handle of Jeff Boddy – is a process-driven creative leader, director, family man, and nomad currently telling dad jokes at The Mill Chicago. As the Head of Design, he leads an ever-growing team of artists and animators across a broad range of styles. Jeff is also a Creative Director with Mill+, The Mill’s creative studio focused on originating, developing and directing content from concept to finished film. He employs an interdisciplinary approach to directing, including 2D, 3D, cut-out, cel-animation and miniatures. With nearly 20 years of experience, Jeff has spoken about design, animation, and the creative process at a number of universities, agencies, and industry events. No Boddy knows.

The Incredible Shrinking Budgets


Does it feel like your project budgets and timelines just keep getting smaller and smaller? You are not alone! This presentation features The Mill Chicago’s head of design, Jeff Boddy, discussing the pros and cons of the high volume, low budget trend in advertising and the impact it is having on production.

The Future of Motion Design

Featuring: No Boddy, Can Büyükberber, Ryan Honey, Jason White (host)

Panel Overview

The world of motion design is shifting at lightning speed.
What started out as an art form relying on standard display formats to tell engaging stories, has radically shifted to exciting, non-traditional formats, using entire spaces, both inside and outside. In this new global marketplace, the way we work –and compete for work is changing– the need to deliver strategic ideas in both the creative and business is influencing our daily decisions. All of these developments stir a resounding question – where is the industry headed?

Jeff Boddy, Head of Design/Creative Director: The Mill.

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