CAMP | Olaf Blomerus
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Olaf Blomerus

About This Project


Olaf is an award-winning, multi-disciplined filmmaker, specializing in VFX and VR related narrative content. Armed with a Bachelor of Design in Photography, he has taken his knowledge of crafting a single frame into moving pictures. From producing to directing, writing and visual effects, he has made sure to learn and continue learning about every aspect of what makes great storytelling.

State of (the) Art – Panel Discussion


Join director Chris Dowsett, artist Mandy Stobo and visual effects supervisor Olaf Blomerus for an open conversation on the process of making the CAMP 2017 titles and documentary State of (the) Art, including discoveries along the way and the challenges of chasing a rapidly changing technology.

Filmmaker, B L M R S.

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Design, Film, Photography