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Ricardo Cabello

About This Project


Ricardo (@mrdoob) is a self-taught computer-graphics programmer. Originally from Barcelona, he began his professional career alternating between roles as a designer and developer. In his spare time, his involvement in the demoscene set him on the path to learning graphics programming.
Combining his background as a designer and expertise in development, his work ranges from simple interactive digital toys — Google Gravity, Ball Pool and Harmony — to full featured experiences — The Johnny Cash Project, The Wilderness Downtown and ROME.
Nowadays, Ricardo spends most of his time developing open source libraries and tools — three.js, frame.js and stats.js — with the aim of making design and development simpler for everyone.

Building Open Tools for AR, VR and the Web


For a graphic designer, learning to develop your own tools can be a blessing or a curse. Once you’ve done it, there’s no limit to the design tasks that can be optimized or improved by building libraries and tools.
One of these tools was Three.js, which Ricardo open sourced 8 years ago. The project has now become much bigger than he could ever imagine and, with the arrival of WebVR, WebAR, WebGL2 and WebGPU, it’s clear that he’s going to be busy for many years to come. In this talk Ricardo will give an overview of the current state of the toolset, and share some of the best projects that have been made with it.

Ricardo Cabello is Graphics Programmer: Mr. doob.

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