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Ryan Honey

About This Project


Ryan is co-founder and an ECD of Buck, a design-driven commercial production studio that specializes in animation, with offices in Los Angeles, New York and Sydney.
For the past 15 years Ryan has worked with brands big and small from all over the world to create innovative work in all mediums and on all screens. With a background in design and content creation, Ryan has worked closely on numerous projects with clients such as Google, Apple, Facebook, Coca Cola, Nike, McDonald’s, Toyota and Honda to name a few. Beyond the commercial world, Buck is also known for working with non-profits to create memorable work for clients such as Alcoholics Anonymous, Childline, Goodbooks and Charity Water.

Creative Culture, Growth and Emerging Technology


Over the past 15 years, Buck has grown from a six person motion graphics studio to a 200 plus design agency with three offices partnering directly with some of the largest brands in the world to create content and solve creative tasks. As the design and animation industry has evolved they have continued to invest in a culture that attracts creatives, makers and technologists from around the world to work in every medium.
Learn about Buck’s unique goals, and how they relate to the work, culture and future growth that goes beyond the service industry.

The Future of Motion Design

Featuring: No Boddy, Can Büyükberber, Ryan Honey, Jason White (host)

Panel Overview

The world of motion design is shifting at lightning speed.
What started out as an art form relying on standard display formats to tell engaging stories, has radically shifted to exciting, non-traditional formats, using entire spaces, both inside and outside. In this new global marketplace, the way we work –and compete for work is changing– the need to deliver strategic ideas in both the creative and business is influencing our daily decisions. All of these developments stir a resounding question – where is the industry headed?

Ryan Honey is Founder and Executive Creative Director: Buck.

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