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Stephen Martell

About This Project


Stephen’s extreme dedication to his role as VP of creative technology at Current Studios has led him from Halifax, Nova Scotia to recently opening Current’s second office in New York — that, plus a lot of coffee and refusing to sleep helps. Between writing daily haikus, and keeping up on the latest tech, Steve somehow manages to find time to transverse the globe helping his clients bring their visions to life, all while maintaining his impeccable style and magnetic East Coast charm. He once managed to lose his phone in the belly of a plane, and is currently working on his first country music album.

Total Eclipse of the Art


“Every now and then I fall apart” – Bonnie Tyler may not have been singing about love after all. Explore the parallels between her epic love anthem and the creative process to uncover the conditions needed to create, evolve, and sell through creative ideas.
Steve Martell, VP Creative Technology at Current Studios, finds humour and inspiration in the joy and tragedy of the creative process. This presentation exposes the constant insecurities and fear of those who create, the reckless belief that great work needs only one great mind, and the human stories that are often hidden when showcasing superhuman creative work.


To shine a spotlight into creative development. From the struggle to determine the first spark of an idea, to the uphill battle of selling it through.

VP, Creative Technology, Current Studios.

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