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Vinciane de Pape

About This Project


Vinciane de Pape is a Product Designer at Versett, a digital product and engineering studio focused on creating meaningful, innovative work through design-led processes. Vinciane’s passion for digital strategy has allowed her to work at a national and international level, partnering with brands like American Express Global Business Travel and Getty Images to solve complex UX problems. When she’s not at the gym warming up with your boyfriend’s one-rep max, you’ll find Vinciane buried in a book or complaining on Twitter. Pronouns: She/Her.

The Current State and Future of UX

Featuring: Jennifer Hogan, Vinciane de Pape, Kyle Peatt, David Hogue, Robert Andruchow (host)

Panel Overview

Increasingly, UX is more than just one product…app or website. As the needs we put on screens are constantly evolving, we are challenged to adapt.
What are some of the fundamental concepts we can apply to our work by perceiving how Canadians interact with the experiences around us? Join this panel as we discover the different flavours of UX in our own province, the demand on UX in the country, and how we can explore and model a future we want to live in.

Vinciane de Pape, Product Designer: Versett.

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