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Xerxes Irani

About This Project


Xerxes is a third-generation creative professional.
His career travels have included time spent as an international ad agency creative director, a professor at both the University of Washington Master’s Degree Graduate Program, the Alberta College of Art & Design (ACAD) for 10+ years, and the founding partner of two successful design studios.
He was previously the creative director for Bill Gates’ media licensing company, Corbis (and Veer), where he lead a network of creative teams in Calgary, Seattle, China and London, which produced all marketing and advertising assets for the corporation’s four global brands.
Currently he is a part of the amazing Amazon Design Community as the principal creative director of Amazon Music.
Husband of one, and father of two, Xerxes also finds time to pursue personal projects on the side. To date, he has had seven stamps printed and one coin minted by Canada Post, along with specializing in brand positioning projects with the estates of Muhammad Ali, Martin Luther King, Jr., Albert Einstein, and Alfred Hitchcock to name a few.

I Think I Have Imposters Syndrome, but it Might be Someone Else’s


Xerxes grew up surrounded by creatives. His dad was an architect and an artist who ran his own architecture practice out of their basement and owned his own art gallery too. He was a designer, and he could draw and paint almost anything. His attention to detail was crazy to Xerxes, his ability to create the same letterform, every single time made his head hurt, he was like a robot. In school, when there were art or design related projects, Xerxes felt paralyzed because he didn’t feel like he could do anything that would compare to the skill his dad had, probably ever. His dad would help him illustrate his ideas for K-12 school projects, which worked out great… ‘till he went away.


Leave feeling like you aren’t alone – we all have it to some degree, setting it free is the key.

Panel: Let’s Get Vulnerable! The Ups and Downs of a Creative Life


Ever work alongside another creative and think you’re a total phony? Or push so hard to prove yourself that you crash and burn? How about feeling anxious when someone else posts that “perfect” project to Instagram?

Bamff Studio is hosting a panel of creatives to have a candid discussion on the very real but not-so-fun-to-talk-about barriers to creativity and what drives us to create in the first place. We’ll be getting deep on imposter syndrome, burnout, perfectionism, jealousy, self-doubt, validation and more. Let’s share these stories so we don’t feel the need to carry them alone.

Principal Creative Director: Amazon Music
Seattle, USA

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