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CAMP 2019

  |   The Archives
CAMP’s 6th annual festival was presented by Mount Royal University and held on October 7 – 8, 2019 at the Taylor Centre for the Performing Arts. An incredible venue! Following the sold-out show in 2018, we opted for the larger venue and with it came the need to expose a commonly neglected issue: mental health. All of us in the creative industries have rollercoaster moments and we set out to expose a lot of the issues and present solutions with doctors and recovered peers on site. For the festival we had public relations boost our footprint to expose the issues beyond our past walls while simultaneously introducing our new tagline: the art and technology of creative storytelling.


As we took the opportunity to refine our public image, we also had the incredible team at GSkinner build a custom to reflect us, together… going on a journey, drowning, and coming out more calm and collected on the other end. It picked up an Applied Arts Award in the Design category, if that’s saying anything.


2019 was huge and our attendees came out in record numbers, just shy of 700.


Due to budgetary restrictions and the political realities that ended up slashing educational budgets, we too had to navigate that reality and opted to forgo our typical packed day of workshops and summit episodes.

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The Titles


Titles by BLMRS
Music by Chad Lawson



That’s a wrap!

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CAMP 2018

  |   The Archives
CAMP’s 5th anniversary festival was held on September 9 – 11, 2018 at the Grand in Calgary. What a party it was! Celebrating with an incredible lineup of speakers, beautifully crafted opening titles, architects and interior designers got involved to liven up the campfire space, live performances by local musicians and bands at the opening night party, great energy at the pub night, and so much warmth. 2018 was a sold out show!


As always, our adventure workshops were held on the day prior to the actual presentations and campfire sessions, on September 9th.


Our highlight reel above was filmed and edited by Two Words Productions.


Relive some of the moments!

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The Titles



Directed by Buck

Executive Creative Director: Ryan Honey
Executive Producer: Emily Rickard
Creative Directors: Jenny Ko & Steve Day
Producers: David Guti Rosado & Kirsten Collabolletta
Design: Jerry Suh, Gunnar Petterson, Jenny Ko, Steve Day, Jigyu Yoon, Richard Gray, Cecilia Chang Lee, Chris Markland, Ren Chen, Rafael Araujo
Head of 2D Animation: Daniel Coutinho
Animation Lead: Nick Petley
Animation: Nick Petley, Junyi Xiao, Jake Armstrong, Stephen Loveluck, Juan Ricardo Hernandez, Rafael Araujo, Jose Peña, Ibrahim Zemheri, Fabian Molina, Scott Jonsson, Matt Everton, Sarah Blank, Jake Portman, Alex Bernas, Joe Brooks


Music by: Steve Day, Marc Steinberg, Andy Lyon
Vocal Stylings by: Marc Steinberg, Debora Cruchon, Steve Day, Nele Taylor, Daniel Rodrigues, Audrey Yeo
Background Vocals by: Emily Rickard, Alex Ceglia, Camily Tsai, Amelia Giller



Adventure Workshops


On September 9th, the day prior to our official festival, we organized three workshops with Google’s David Hogue, Chris Dowsett, and Samsung’s Kavitha Gopalan. From designing for wicked problems; wearable watch design to bringing characters to life in Cinema 4D… there was plenty to soak up at all of the top-rated workshops!




The Storytellers


Our top-tier speaker line-up was, and always will be, meticulously curated by hand.




That’s a wrap!

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CAMP 2017

  |   The Archives
CAMP Festival’s 4th edition was held on September 10 – 12, 2017 at the Grand in Calgary. In 2017 we celebrated with numerous firsts, including the first opening title sequence entirely crafted in Virtual Reality. 2017 also saw a lot of our loyal sponsors return.


As always, our adventure workshops were held on the day prior to the actual presentations and campfire sessions, on September 10th.


Our highlight reel above was filmed and edited by Two Words Productions.


Relive some of the moments!

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The Titles



Titles created by:
Chris Dowsett – Director / Animator
Mandy Stobo – VR Artist
Neil Fleming – Writer
Steve Fletcher – Music / SFX

Special thanks: Olaf Blomerus



Adventure Workshops


On September 10th, the day prior to our official festival, we organized not one, not three but FOUR workshops with some of our top-tier speakers, Jessica Walsh, Marpi, PES and Lauren Hom. From stop-motion to design; lettering to programming… never a dull moment!





The Storytellers


Our top-tier speaker line-up was, and always will be, meticulously curated by hand.


Art, Film, Photography




That’s a wrap!

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CAMP 2016

  |   The Archives
On September 27 – 28, 2016 at The Grand in Calgary, CAMP returned for its third year, with presenting sponsor Digital Alberta. In total, 464 attendees from North America, Europe and Asia soaked in presentations from 21 different top-tier speakers. The 4 adventure workshops saw 114 people roam the hallways of the Marriott and capturing models on the streets of downtown Calgary on September 26, 2016. CAMP closed each night with plenty of networking opportunities at our evening events including at the newly introduced Ember awards.


September 27th closed off its jam-packed day with its official party hosted at The Commons where the drinks were flowing freely. The following evening was all about celebrating and featuring the province’s talent with Digital Alberta. Find out more about that on their website.


Our highlight reel above was filmed and edited by Six Two Six Productions.


Relive some of the moments!

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The Titles



Titles created by:
Joey Camacho / Raw & Rendered – Design
Olaf Blomerus / BLMRS – Producer
Jason Klos – Music / SFX



Adventure Workshops


On September 26th, the day prior to our official festival, we organized not one, not three but FOUR workshops with some of our top-tier speakers, Michael Muller, Vitaly Friedman, Samsung and Jean-Philippe Côté. For the very first time, in 2016, we offered a photography workshop. Oh the joys of the digital landscape!



Physical Computing for Web Developers

with Jean-Philippe Côté


Into the Deep

with Michael Muller




The Storytellers


Our tier-1 industry speaker line-up was, and always will be, meticulously curated by hand.

Matt Wright

Art, Business, Design, Film, Gaming, Technology




Thanks to our sponsors!






That’s a wrap!

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CAMP 2015

  |   The Archives
Our second CAMP Festival returned to Theatre Junction GRAND on September 21 – 22, 2015, and again it was a blast with 20 expert-lead presentations, over 400 attendees from around the world, and exciting networking opportunities at our evening events.


Our networking events kicked off with a party on September 21st hosted and sponsored by Torch Motorcycles with beer provided by the awesome Village Brewery. The following evening our closing mixer was held at the Bank and Baron Pub and sponsored by MailChimp.


Just like in our inaugural year, we curated the content for a healthy balance of inspiration and instruction, so that the attendees could leave as happy campers, whether they were interested in cutting edge tech, or amazing art and design. We have received great feedback and again we have to thank our passionate storytellers, all of our generous sponsors, supporters, volunteers, and of course all the attendees. We are looking forward to CAMP 2016!


Our highlight reel above was filmed and edited by the team over at Ramble.


Relive some of the moments!

View Photos



The Titles



Titles created by:
Studio Dialog & Mark Gervais – Video & Animation
Six Degrees & Chris Vail – Music & Sound



Adventure Workshops


On Sunday, September 20th, the day prior to our official festival, we organized three workshops with our awesome speakers, Yuko Shimizu, Aaron Draplin, and Stacey Mulcahy. The workshops took place at the Marriott hotel in downtown Calgary for its easily-accessible location and great natural light with views of the Calgary tower – great for those guests from out of town.



Learn How to Draw (Better) in One Day with Yuko Shimizu


Sold Out!


Logo Tips, Tricks, Triumphs, Turds, Threats and Tales from the DDC” with Aaron Draplin


Sold Out!


How to Make Your Own Flappy Bird Clone in Unity3d, Presented by Young Game Makers (Stacey Mulcahy)


All proceeds donated to Big Brothers Big Sisters



The Storytellers


Our tier-1 industry speaker line-up was, and always will be, meticulously curated by hand.


Yuko Shimizu


Yuko Shimizu is an award-winning Japanese illustrator based in New York City and an instructor at the School of Visual Arts.


You may have seen her style gracing Pepsi cans, Gap and Nike T-shirts, VISA billboards, Microsoft and Target ads, as well as covers of DC Comics and inside the pages of New York Times, TIME, New Yorker, GQ, Esquire and in many other publications over the last ten years.


But illustration is actually Yuko’s second career. After studying marketing and advertising at a university in Japan, Yuko got a position in corporate PR in Tokyo – a job she kept for 11 years. After having an early midlife crisis, she made up her mind to pursue her childhood dream of becoming an artist, and moved to New York City to study at the School of Visual Arts in 1999. She received a MFA in illustration in 2003 and has been illustrating ever since.


When not working out of her midtown Manhattan studio, she teaches the next generation of artists at her alma mater. In 2009, Newsweek Japan chose Yuko as one of the “100 Japanese People The World Respects”.



Aaron Draplin


Located in the mighty Pacific Northwest, the Draplin Design Co. proudly rolls up its sleeves on a number of projects related to the Print, Identity, Web Development, Illustration and Gocco Muscle categories. We make stuff for Coal Headwear, Union Binding Co., Richmond Fontaine, Nike, Wired, Timberline, Target, Ford, Hutchco, TImberline Lodge, Patagonia, Chunklet, Incase, Giro, Cobra Dogs, Burton Snowboards, Hughes Entertainment, Chuck Prophet, Field Notes and even the Obama Administration, if you can believe that. We pride ourselves on a high level of craftsmanship and quality that keeps us up late into the wet Portland night.


Our Proud List Of Services: Graphic Design, Illustration, Friendship, Clipping Pathery, Garying, Jokes/Laughter, Campfire Strummin’, Gocco Dynamics, Road Trip Navigation, Trust, Guitar Tuning, Gen’l Conversation, Culture Critique, Color Correcting, Existential Wondering, Bounty Hunting, Heavy Lifting, Advice, A Warm Meal, Simple Ideas and Occasional Usage of Big Words.



Stacey Mulcahy


Stacey Mulcahy is a technical evangelist with Microsoft for Windows 8. Prior, she was the Lead Developer working with a variety of technologies at Big Spaceship, a digital agency based out of Brooklyn, NY.


She has worked at Teknision and Fuel Industries in Ottawa, Canada, and IQ Interactive in Atlanta in a variety of technical roles. A technical editor and instructor, Stacey enjoys sharing her love for her work in interactive development.


She considers her lack of verbal filter and extreme candor just a small part of her charm.



Shantell Martin


Shantell’s work is a meditation of lines; a language of characters, faces and messages that invite her viewers to share a role in her creative process. Part autobiographical, and part dreamlike-whimsy, she’s created her own world that bridges fine art, commercial and the everyday experience — conversations, objects and places.


Shantell has been featured on the Jimmy Kimmel Show, and her hand-illustrated bedroom walls graced the cover of the New York Times home section in May 2012. Her work has appeared in Creative Review Magazine, and she is still honored to have been named French Glamour’s New York’s “coolest ‘it’ girl” in 2011. Summer 2014 Vogue Magazine stopped by her downtown studio for a feature. Her recent art commissions include an interior installation at the new Brown Institute for Media Innovation located in the beautiful Pulitzer Hall, Columbia University and a large mural at MIT Media Lab, where she’s currently a visiting scholar. She regularly creates live digital drawings at conferences, musical performances, and museums including the Museum of Moving image, The Brooklyn Museum and MoMA.



Mario Klingemann


Mario, AKA Quasimondo, is what you get when you cross the analytic mind of a coder with the creative fervor of an artist, and add a little bit of mad scientist mentality to the mix. In his aim to surprise himself and his audience, he consistently explores uncharted territories in order to discover unseen beauty and unthought ideas. A key factor in his work is the drive to overcome limitations by creatively repurposing and recombining objects and systems to reveal hidden qualities.


His creations have been exhibited in international art shows and have won acclaim among critics as exemplary pieces of net art. Pieces like Mona Tweeta, ScribblerToo, Flickeur, Dada Visualization, Like This or his Pie Packing series have made their way into uncounted best-of lists and been featured in many articles. He enjoys sharing his explorations and discoveries at design and technology conferences worldwide, has co-founded the Munich FabLab and is working as a freelance creative coder and visualist.



Neil Huxley


Neil Huxley is one of Digital Domain’s Creative Directors for Commercials and an in house director with sister company, Mothership. He joined Digital Domain in 2011 after working for many years as a VFX designer and art director, most notably on James Cameron’s “Avatar” and Zack Snyder’s “Watchmen.”


Neil has applied his creative sensibilities to a number of cinematics and spots for Digital Domain/Mothership that have become celebrated in the video game world. He directed the trailer for Activision’s “Transformers: The Fall of Cybertron” as well as a follow up teaser piece. The trailer soon went viral and was recognized at the VGA Awards by the AICP (Association of Independent Commercial Producers). Neil also directed the announcement trailers for Warner Bros Games, “Mad Max,” “Rise of the Tomb Raider” as well as the “Dead Space 3” “Take Down Terror” TV spot.


Neil recently directed the TV spot, “Make History” for the internationally acclaimed series “Assassin’s Creed” which combines live action and high-end CG.


Currently Neil is directing performance capture for in-game cinematics for ‘Rise of the Tomb Raider’ for which he is using Digital Domain’s latest virtual production techniques and digital human technology.


A Los Angeles transplant, Neil is a Londoner at heart. As a personal passion he is currently directing an independent feature documentary, “Portrait of an Assassin,” about retired East London boxer Jimmy Flint as well as developing film projects with his brother and writer Philip Huxley.



Claudio Guglieri


Claudio Guglieri is an independent product designer and creative director
 in San Francisco.


Claudio has been responsible for directing and executing interactive experiences for clients like Google, Kayak, EA, CNN, Nickelodeon, Microsoft, History Channel and Motorola to name a few.

 He led the Design Department at Fantasy Interactive as Design Director before starting his own venture. Alongside his daily job, Claudio’s personal projects and interests vary from illustration, typography, developing interactive concepts and watching Stephen Chow’s movies.



Jay Grandin


Jay Grandin is Partner & Creative Director at Giant Ant, a creative studio in Vancouver, which he runs with his wife, Leah Nelson. Specializing in animation and documentary, Giant Ant has slowly worked its way to being one of the top studios in Canada, with clients like TOMS Shoes, Target, and Facebook—and recognition from the likes of the Clios and ADC awards.



Zander Brimijoin


Zander Brimijoin is Creative Director and Co Founder of Red Paper Heart, an interactive art studio in Brooklyn. After over 10 years as an Art Director, and an MFA to boot, Zander left his career to combine art, technology… and bears. The result was Red Paper Heart, a studio that has created large scale installations for likes of Sonos, Red Bull Studios, BMWi, MOMI, and Google. Zander likes to make people run, jump, and maybe even find unexpected joy in life.



Anton & Irene


Anton Repponen and Irene Pereyra climbed their way from junior designers to founders of their own studio. Their studio Anton & Irene is known well beyond Brooklyn and their projects are not limited to web-design. In their portfolio you will find projects for Karim Rashid, Nickelodeon, BBC, Balenciaga, Wacom, National Geographic, USA Today and Red Bull, as well as self-initiated projects like a walking tour of New York City, and an analog wristwatch. Besides that, almost every month Anton and Irene deliver workshops and lectures in various corners of the world.


They have more than a dozen of prestigious awards including a Webby, Emmy, Red Dot, .NET and Cannes Lions. And, yes, their studio does indeed deserve a specifically dedicated board on Pinterest.



Alon Chitayat


Alon Chitayat loves few things in life more than drawing. As a resident researcher at NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program, his work studies drawing as a means of dialogue — creating empathy and intimacy where it would otherwise be absent. Alon weaves together traditional and digital drawing tools to create entirely new experiences: collaborative real-time drawing booths, 3D drawing apps, cross-media storytelling platforms; nothing is out of reach from his pen, paper, and imagination.


Alon’s work has been exhibited internationally, including ARS Electronica (2010), SIGGRAPH (2011, 2014), and the Currents New Media Festival (2015). He carries a strong background and practice in animation, VFX, and art direction, both freelance in New York and with his Tel Aviv-based studio “animishmish” for the past 10 years. He is also part-time faculty at the School of Art and Design at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn.



Ramy Nassar


Ramy is an engineer, an artist and a maker living in Toronto. As Architech’s Director of Service Innovation, Ramy works with clients to create innovative & differentiated customer experiences that mesh the physical and digital worlds. Working at the intersection of Design Strategy and the Internet of Things, he pushes the boundaries of how technology can integrate with everyday experiences.


With a background in computer engineering, Ramy has straddled technical and business-oriented roles, ranging from grassroots startups to some of Canada’s largest technology companies. He has worked on the tech industry’s cutting edge for the past decade.


Ramy is the director and co-host of TEDxWaterloo, an independently organized TED event and a regular TEDx speaker, having given talks at TEDxAthens, TEDxCarthage and TEDxBeaconStreet. Ramy’s photography has been featured in a number of Canadian publications and two independent exhibitions.



Grant Skinner


Grant has been building interactive experiences on myriad platforms for 15 years. In that time, gskinner has grown into a highly effective team of twenty, building creative solutions for clients including the BBC, Nike, Nissan, Microsoft, Google, Bioware, and Facebook. Grant has fused creative, technical, and business savvy to produce a body of work that spans applications, games, interactive experiences and installations for desktop, mobile, and embedded systems. He contributes regularly to open source, including founding the popular application and the widely used CreateJS suite of libraries, and has spoken at over 100 conferences worldwide.



Steve Tam


Steve Tam is the Canadian lead in Tech and Design for Indiegogo. He’s also co-founded the creative branding agency, 100 Acre Wood, Simcoe Bicycles, and Metsa Design. In 2013 he was named to Marketing Magazine’s Top 30 Under 30, and is Toronto’s Ambassador for the Swiss founded Sandbox Network.


Meaghan Nishiyama


A native Calgarian, Meaghan moved to New York in 2012, the day before Hurricane Sandy. As Head of Human Experience (and about 7 other things) at a startup called Superhuman, she discovered a passion for understanding people and designing digital products they need and love.


Today, she does just that as a Senior Designer at Moment, a digital strategy and design consultancy in New York. With a background in research as well as design, she helps companies blend data-driven and creative approaches to tackle challenges from uncovering user insights to figuring out what product to build to detailed product design.


She is also the founder of The UX Lab, a 2000+ member meetup group for UX designers with chapters in New York, Boston and San Francisco. With her incredible co-organizers, she has organized and led numerous design workshops, speaking panels and networking events.


Apart from all that, Meaghan loves riding her bike, good coffee, and chocolate chip cookies.



Dave Brown


Dave Brown is committed to making the world more awesome. He’s a creative thinker, entrepreneur and mentor who believes in good design, emerging technologies and random acts of kindness. As SVP, Group Creative Director of Edelman’s Experience Design team, Dave connects brands to audiences through memorable experiences at the intersection of digital and physical environments. He’s innovated for clients such as Unilever, Delta Air Lines, Whole Foods, IFC, Google, TED, Chase, Madison Square Garden, Heineken and Samsung.


When Dave isn’t crafting engaging experiences at Edelman, he’s investing in Brooklyn businesses and inspiring the creative community through his blog Holiday Matinee. He’s the author of I Swear to Good You are God at This and co-founder of independent record Label, Better Looking Records. Dave also developed an acclaimed iPhone app, The Amazing Game of ReCollection, and delivered energetic speaking engagements for Columbia University, Social Media Week, Creative Mornings, Pecha Kucha, OTA and General Assembly. There, you can find him spreading positivity under the motto, “Love your work. Work your love.”



Joey Camacho


Raw & Rendered is Joey Camacho – a freelance 3D motion and graphic designer based in Vancouver, Canada. He has created conceptual and creative design work professionally for reputable global brands such as Nike, Microsoft, and Adobe, as well as passionate local homegrown shops. He specializes in comprehensive brand development and 3D design and is a graduate from the Alberta College of Art + Design with a degree in Visual Communications.


Joey recently completed, and still continues, his 365 day project “Progress Before Perfection” using Cinema 4D, creating a render everyday in order improve his craft and produce work more efficiently. When he’s not working, you’ll find him fumbling with his camera outside, drinking a good cappuccino, and catching the latest flick at the theatre.



Neetu Sidhu


Neetu Sidhu has a diverse background in marketing, social entrepreneurship and startups. After different marketing and brand strategy gigs in Calgary, Neetu decided to move to The Big Apple and pursue an interdisciplinary Masters program at NYU. It was through this experience that she launched her own social venture (profit + purpose), a contemporary clothing line that provides skills training and equitable employment to rural artisans in India living below the poverty line. Neetu is passionate about design, innovation/entrepreneurship and making a positive impact. In addition to starting her own company, she worked with four different NYC-based startups while living in New York spanning tech, education and design. Through her role as Manager of Alberta BoostR, Neetu is excited to help provide access to funding, marketing and community support for Alberta entrepreneurs who want to take their business to the next level of growth.



Emily Hicks


A recent graduate from the University of Calgary, Emily is currently director and co-CEO of FREDsense Technologies, an early stage biotech company in Calgary. Using a combination of electrochemistry, electrical engineering and synthetic biology, the company designs autonomous sensors for contaminants in wastewater. Their ultimate goal is to allow everyone to know exactly what’s in their water. During her university years, Emily was a leader of the university’s International Genetically Engineered Machines competition team. The team worked on designing and engineering microbes to solve a variety of important tasks such as detecting disease and remediating waste. The team won a variety of international awards for their work and Emily brings this experience to her position at FREDsense. Emily loves public speaking and has won a variety of pitch and presentation competitions. In her spare time, Emily mentors high school students from rural Alberta competing in genetic engineering competitions, tutors math and highland dances.



Sylvia Cheverie


After leaving her role as a Media Planner at Calder Bateman Communications, Sylvia Cheverie founded her own marketing strategy company, Silverbell Strategy, in 2014.


Sylvia was the lead Media Planner & Buyer for the Don Iveson for Mayor Campaign, and has worked with clients in various industries ranging from fashion and beauty, hospitality, not for profit, environmental services and more. Most recently, Sylvia and her husband Darren celebrated the completion of their first Kickstarter campaign in order to raise a portion of the capital required to open a French brasserie called “Chartier” in their hometown of Beaumont, Alberta.


Chartier is the most successful restaurant Kickstarter campaign in Canada, and the first in Alberta – with over $107,000 raised in their 60 day campaign.



Roger Jewett


Roger is founder and CEO of Jump On Flyaways, an airplane sharing service with a unique way for travellers to access low-cost flights. By contracting idle aircraft from charter airlines at discounted rates, scheduling convenient one-way and return flights promoted through social media, and only departing if a minimum number of seats are sold, Jump On offers consumers 30% to 65% off typical scheduled airline prices.


From 2010-2014, Roger was CFO of Enerjet, a charter airline specializing in workforce transportation.


From 2000-2007, Roger was President of Rare Method, a publicly traded interactive marketing firm. Rare Method was one of Alberta’s fastest growing companies in 2005, 2006 and 2007 and one of Canada’s fastest growing companies in 2007 and 2008. Rare Method was also named one of Canada’s best small and medium sized employers in 2007.


From 1993-2000, Roger was the CFO of Resorts of the Canadian Rockies (“RCR”). While at RCR, Roger helped lead the company from financial difficulty in 1993 to one of National Post’s 1997 and 1998 50 best-managed companies in Canada.



Patti Derbyshire


Patti is a catalyst, community organizer, and business leader in Calgary’s creative economy. As Chair of Marketing, Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation, and marketing professor at Mount Royal University’s Bissett School of Business, she draws upon her eclectic professional career in broadcasting, design, cultural marketing, start-up ventures, and music industry management. Patti’s first bike was provided by her older brother, who didn’t want to drive her around all the time. She didn’t mind. She always gets a big grin on her face whenever she rides.



Patrick Moskwa


Patrick believes every experience heightens our understanding of the worlds in which we live. During his career he has adopted an interest in highly developed design, developing impressive skills in detail, material, and landscape/building relationships. His work attempts to bring awareness to the way we interact – with our physical environment, objects, or sensory experiences, community and emotion. In all aspects of his creative career, whether it be architecture, product design, graphics, public and visual art, illustration, book design, teaching and entrepreneurship, a central focus lies with human experience.



Becky Wheat-Bain


Becky is a curious, tenacious woman who naturally challenges the concept of “good enough”. She believes that “processes” and “things” should supplement and enhance, not hinder, the human abilities and that women have an equal right to be the centre of design. Her passion is to put the user at the centre of the design process and strives to put a smile on that user’s face with the end result. Becky is a Human Factors Engineer and consults on a variety of projects where the delighted user is the end goal.



Edward Keeble


Edward Keeble is a software developer and artist living in Whitehorse. His work primarily explores technologically-mediated social interactions and device-human relations. He has designed, built or directed projects for Honda, Canon, Chrysler, BlackBerry, AT&T, Genentech, GE Healthcare, Lowes, Hudson’s Bay Company, and Lord & Taylor.


He has built multitouch walls, mobile apps, interactive installations, wearables and web applications at Globacore, Fabrica, SiG@MaRS, and DreamNow. His work has been exhibited in North America and Europe and featured on the Discovery Channel and numerous online outlets.



David Nagy


David Nagy is an entrepreneur, marketing consultant and VP of Marketing for Live Out There, an online retailer based in Calgary, Alberta. David has enjoyed a decade-long successful entrepreneurial career developing interactive solutions for brands such as General Motors, HBO Comedy, Virgin Mobile and more.


In 2009, David become a founding member of – currently one of Canada’s fastest growing businesses – having earned a spot on the Profit magazine HOT50 list and the Alberta Venture Fast Growth 50 list in 2015.



Marc Binkley


Marc Binkley is the Social Media Manager for Canada’s largest sporting goods retailer Sport Chek, which is part of FGL Sports. Responsible for developing and implementing the retailer’s social engagement strategies, Marc plays a pivotal role in furthering the company-wide initiative of digitizing the retail shopping experience, both in-store and online. He is an industry expert in fostering brand awareness, generating traffic and driving engagement through the development strategic and relevant content, all in an effort to deepen the brand’s connection to its customer. Marc’s role at Sport Chek is currently focused on helping the retailer shift from a campaign driven to content focused mindset, helping accelerate customers through to loyalty on their purchasing decision journey.


Before joining FGL Sports, Marc founded the Social Media for Business certificate program at Mount Royal University, in Calgary, Alberta. During that time he also ran his own social media brand strategy consultancy firm called Sleeping Barber. Outside of the office, Marc spends a lot of his time reading about branding and innovation, plays hockey, skis and rides mountain bikes and looks forward to cooking Saturday morning breakfasts with his wife and two girls.




In the Media


Here are a variety of outlets who wrote articles in relation to the inaugural CAMP Festival and supporters that helped spread the love included:



Follow the links to read some of the nice articles published about CAMP:



In 2015 CAMP Festival also had it’s own beer, brewed and supplied by Village Brewery. ‘Twas called S’Morgy!




Shiny, Blinky Billboards!




We Went Green in 2015


You can surely imagine the amount of power that’s consumed during a festival like ours. Not just your phones, laptops or our computers and switchers, but the projectors, sound booths, lights, installations, you name it…


Our proud sponsor, Bullfrog Power, ensured that the equivalent amount of renewable electricity was put back onto the energy system to match the amount consumed by us over the days at CAMP.


Through this initiative we are helping to reduce our environmental footprint, supporting the development of Alberta and Canadian based renewable energy projects, and helping lead the way to a renewably power future!


We’re very happy to be able to share this certificate with you. Don’t you feel a little better now?




The CAMP App


If you attended CAMP in 2015, you probably found this CAMP Festival App, designed and developed by Uppercut, quite a handy helper. You could use the app to get organized, post questions to the speakers, meet and connect with other people, and leave feedback for event organizers.




Thanks to our sponsors!










That’s a wrap!

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CAMP 2014

  |   The Archives
The inaugural CAMP Festival took place at Theatre Junction GRAND on September 8 – 9, 2014, and it was an exciting couple of days with 20 expert-lead presentations, 335 attendees from around the world, and endless networking opportunities.


In total, 21 cities were represented in the audience at CAMP including: Calgary, Chicago, San Francisco, New York, Detroit, Ottawa, Toronto, Edmonton, Lethbridge, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Regina, Vancouver, Sioux Falls and Barcelona.


Our networking events kicked off with a party on the snowy evening of September 8th hosted at the Commonwealth Bar & Stage sponsored by MailChimp with music provided by Calgary’s music production & DJ school, Beat Drop. The following evening our closing mixer was held at Black Betty Burger & Wine Bar.


The content was in short, amazing! With packed rooms in both our main theatre room as well as the experimental campfire sessions (that turned out to be a huge hit), and all of the positive feedback we’ve received, it’s safe to say that the content presented was cutting-edge and inspirational. Thanks to all of our passionate storytellers, all of our generous sponsors, supporters and of course all the attendees. All of the happy campers came together to share and shape experience that we won’t soon forget.


Our highlight reel above was filmed and edited by the lovely team over at Airau.


Relive some of the moments!

View Photos



The Titles



Titles created by:
Wild Forest – Creative Direction & Storyboard
DDG – Filming, Editing & Post Production
Bleeding Art Industries – Set Fabrication & Special FX
Drastic Studios – Sound Design



Adventure Workshop


On Sunday, September 7th, the day prior to our official festival, we organized a sold-out adventure workshop with the legendary Stefan Sagmeister entitled “How To Touch Someone’s Heart With Design”. We organized the workshop at the Marriott hotel in downtown Calgary for its easily-accessible location and great natural light with views of the Calgary tower – great for those guests from out of town.


Forty (40) participants were asked to bring a whole lot of art supplies such as board, various papers, pens, markers, knife, scissors, paint and also digital cameras and laptops. Nobody knew more than that Stefan Sagmeister’s workshop would possibly explore important things – in other words, a true adventure.


The full-day adventure workshop ended in a standing ovation from the attendees.




The Storytellers


Our tier-1 industry speaker line-up was, and always will be, meticulously curated by hand.


Stefan Sagmeister


Stefan Sagmeister formed the New York based Sagmeister Inc. in 1993 and has since designed for clients as diverse as the Rolling Stones, HBO and the Guggenheim Museum. Having been nominated eight times, he finally won two Grammy Awards for the Talking Heads and Brian Eno & David Byrne package designs. He has also earned practically every important international design award.


James White


James White is a Canadian artist and designer based in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. He is the 1-man wrecking crew behind the Signalnoise Studio where he produces visual artistry for professional and personal projects. He began his career as a designer in 1998 but started drawing way back in 1981 at the age of 4. His creative path has led to him working with clients such as Nike, MTV, Google, Wired, VH1, Kevin Smith and more.


Anton Repponen


A recipient of the prestigious Red Dot “Best of the Best” award, Anton Repponen is a highly influential designer in the digital creative industry. As Creative Director, Anton was responsible for delivering creative solutions for clients such as Google, Wacom, USA Today, HTC, Nickelodeon, Porsche and SAS. His client work has been awarded by Cannes, FWA, The Webbys and The European Design Awards.


Irene Pereyra


As User Experience Director / Designer, Irene Pereyra is responsible for translating business requirements into intuitive interactive solutions. She has led the strategy and UX initiatives for clients including Wacom, USA Today, EA, HTC, Google, Nickelodeon, FOX, Verizon, BBC and Red Bull for both the web and cross-platform applications. Her work has been recognized by Cannes, The Webbys, FWA, Interaction Design Association and The European Design Awards.


Sougwen Chung


Canadian-born, Chinese-raised, New York-based. Sougwen Chung is an interdisciplinary artist whose work explores transitional edges. Her artistic practice spans installation, sculpture, still image, drawing and performance, informing her multi-faceted approach to experiential art. Chung’s work iterates on the expressive agency of form catalyzed with software, sound, light and space. Her installations involve multiple layers of light on intricate structures, taking a variety of media and transforming it into spatial experiences.


Bradley G Munkowitz


Bradley G Munkowitz ( GMUNK ) is a Graphic Designer by foundation who has over a decade of experience functioning as a Design Director for the motion graphics industry. He’s also remained passionately involved in the global design community, giving lectures around the world about his Process and Experiences.


Jason White


Internationally recognized in new media, Jason White is the Executive Creative Director for conceptual design studio Leviathan, which he co-founded in 2010. Jason quickly built Leviathan into an industry leader in creating new visual experiences that stir audiences around the world. At Leviathan, Jason fuses his design and animation expertise into broadcast animation and experiential design in dynamic combinations for global brands, agencies and entertainers.


Ben Unsworth


Ben Unsworth is Co-Founder and President of Globacore, the Toronto-based creative technology shop behind PaperDude VR and many other game-based interactive installations that can be found at exhibits, events and museums around the world. While Ben’s formal training is in Computer Science and English Literature from McGill University, he knows that the real lessons come while trying to get your 20′ multi-touch wall – built with lasers and duct-tape – up and running at 3 in the morning in the alleyway behind a convention center in the middle of Saudi Arabia hours before show opening while being chased by stray dogs.


Edward Keeble


Edward Keeble is a software developer and artist living in Calgary. His work primarily explores technologically-mediated social interactions and device-human relations. He has designed, built or directed projects for Honda, Canon, Chrysler, BlackBerry, AT&T, Genentech, GE Healthcare, Lowes, Hudson’s Bay Company, and Lord & Taylor.


Michael Sikorsky


Michael Sikorsky is CEO, Global of Robots and Pencils Inc. His deep understanding of the mobile industry positions him as a leader in the field, yet only touches on his many areas of expertise. Michael is deemed an authority on: F500 Mobile App Strategy, Anticipatory Software, Machine Learning, Quantitative User Interface, The Empathy of Great Designs, Gamification, Quantitative User Interface, and Entrepreneurship.


Robyn Larsen


Robyn is a former nuclear engineer now blurring the lines between work and play as a front end web developer, mentor and entrepreneur. Her tools of choice are HTML5, CSS3, Sass, responsive design, and Javascript. She lives by challenging assumptions, improving process, and never settles.


Matthew Barnett


Design is about communicating an idea: with nearly 11 years of experience in the field of identity development and graphic design, Matt has helped hundreds of clients do just that. Matt started his career in the dot com world, designing websites and interactive experiences. However his curiosity, combined with distaste for life in a box, drove him to experience all the disciplines the ad world had to offer. From branding, writing, print design, POS to television and radio commercial production, Matt has developed a broad knowledge base on which he can draw upon.


Tatjana Green


Throughout her career, Tatjana has always drawn upon the design philosophies and fundamentals she learned while studying at the Bauhaus. Tatjana’s philosophy is about form and function working in harmony with an understanding of the role that design plays. Her expertise in the field of branding and design has seen her speak and consult on the subject all over the world.


Kim Alpert


Kim Alpert believes in human-centric design and integrating technology and strategy with time-based planning in her work. With a background in fine art, music, and carpentry, Kim brings a keen attention to detail and diverse perspectives to her video installations and advertising work. Kim’s art primarily focuses on gender, media literacy, cultural iconography, and change, and has been displayed at SOFA Expo, The Modern Wing at the Art Institute of Chicago, and facets cinematheque.


Tommy Lewis


Tommy Lewis is a Technical Evangelist at Microsoft who at 8 years old thought that there was a frog apocalypse happening in his backyard. It turned out that it was just the rain made all the frogs come out and hop around. Since then, he has been at Microsoft for over 15 years and has evangelized everything from Visual Basic 6 to HTML5 to Design for web developers and designers world-wide; he even once ate a “century egg” while in China.


Sara Blake


Sara Blake, also known as ZSO, is a New York City based illustrator and designer. After studying in the Individualized Study program at NYU, she started her career with a number of jobs in interactive and graphic design and art direction while balancing her true love of hand drawn illustration. Today Sara runs a small illustration studio in NYC, with work divided between fine art, client collaborations, personal work and an illustrated product line for ZSO-NYC.


CJ Gammon


CJ Gammon is a Creative Technologist at Adobe focusing on new web technology with the goal to showcase the creative potential of the web and inspire the community through innovative applications and experiences. CJ has created rich web experiences and demos showcasing new and coming features to the web including CSS Custom Filters, CSS Blend Modes, WebGL, and more. He has also worked with top clients like National Geographic to explore innovative ways new web features can be used within their web content.


Helen Papagiannis


Dr. Helen Papagiannis is recognized as a world leading expert in the field of Augmented Reality (AR). She has been working with AR for a decade with a focus on storytelling and creating compelling experiences in AR. Dr. Papagiannis was named among the NEXT 100 Top Influencers of the Digital Media Industry in 2013, and is featured as an innovator in the book, “Augmented Reality: An Emerging Technologies Guide to AR”, published in 2013.



In the Media


Here are a variety of outlets who wrote articles in relation to the inaugural CAMP Festival and supporters that helped spread the love included:



Follow the links to read some of the nice articles published about CAMP:



Here are some blog posts that did a good job recapping the inaugural CAMP:




Feedback & Thoughts


While we surely had a good time, we’re biased as we come at it from an organizers point of view so we thought we would include some feedback and articles written by attendees present over the 2-day event.


"I had a blast at CAMP and it was really inspiring to hear all of the speakers, both in the formal theater presentations and the personal campfire sessions. I absolutely loved listening to all of the campfire sessions on the second day, that personal environment was really cool. …I plan on coming back next year!"

Taelynn Graham

"CAMP has been over for less than 24hrs and the team @AppGuysInc and I are already missing it. Really superb event!"

Ryan Hnetka, App Guys Inc.

"I attended CAMP Festival in Calgary and my mind was blown… Back at work at @PureVisionInc today and all I wanna do is work on fun stuff ’cause #CAMPFEST14."

Nicole Winski, Pure Vision Inc.

"Great couple days of inspiration at @wearecamp – was great to be able to talk with most of the presenters – the size of conference is great!"

Tim Neal

"HUGE thanks to @wearecamp and the incredible speakers for an amazing 2 days! Let’s do it again next year!"

Shea Friesen

"Congrats to @wearecamp for putting on a killer creative festival, heard it was unreal!"

Dax Justin

"We had a great time at #Campfest14 the last two days. Thanks to everyone who made it happen and all of the inspiring speakers."

WAX Partnership


As much as we value all the attendee feedback so we can create a better experience for everyone year after year, what came as a surprise was some of the feedback from sponsors and seasoned speakers that joined us at the first ever CAMP.


"#campfest14 was one of the best events I have been part of. A tip of the cowboy hat to you. Amazing experience. …[CAMP] was one of the most impactful for me creatively."

Tommy Lee, Microsoft Canada

"Thanks to [CAMP] for putting on #CAMPfest14 this year. Informative, entertaining, inspiring. Can we do this again next year?"

Gareth Morgan, Critical Mass

"…snow aside, it was a total blast—the weather only enriched the experience, perhaps only making it more “Canadian?” I really can’t say enough good things about [CAMP]. Thanks for having us, Calgary."

Sara Blake, ZSO

"Thank you for such an awesome time. The campfire chats were such a great way to connect with everyone."

Robyn Larsen, Former nuclear engineer turned front-end developer

"Thanks @wearecamp for an awesome conference! We’re all inspired and so glad we could be a part of #campfest14 :)"

ZGM Marketing

"Proud to have sponsored YYC’s inaugural #CAMPFEST14. Great turnout, buzz and speakers."

Bleeding Art Industries

"It was a real pleasure, thank you so much for putting everything together so wonderfully! Congratulations!"

Stefan Sagmeister, Sagmeister & Walsh

"Thanks sooooo much guys for everything! The venue and spot was super cool, the line-up was excellent and the crowd was awesome. We heard tons and tons of positive feedback! Congrats on putting on such an awesome event!!!!!!! :-)"

Irene Pereyra, Anton & Irene

"I think the event was really great, the venue was awesome and top notch organization!"

Anton Repponen, Anton & Irene

"At the Calgary airport and already missing my #Campfest14 friends, new and old. Thanks for the wonderful time, gang. #StayRad"

James White, Signalnoise



Thanks to our sponsors!









That’s a wrap!

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